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Joseph A. Lazzara. P.C.

“Joseph Lazzara could not have been more professional, knowledgeable, and communicative. Even in a very difficult situation, Joeseph was a pleasure to work with. He guided me through the long process with a VERY fair and agreeable outcome. I highly recommend his services.”Matt

“Mr. Lazzara was compassionate, explained the entire process to me and was extremely professional throughout the case. He fought for me and was able to get my entire case dismissed. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”Marie

“Joseph Lazzara did a great job on my case. He is professional, respected and trustworthy. I am extremely happy with my results. He is a great lawyer.”A Satisfied Client

“Great lawyer. He helped put my mind at ease, fought for me and ultimately got my case dismissed.”Kim

“Mr. Lazzara provided me with excellent advice and representation in court. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommend.”Nicholas

“As an outer state offender he is the guy from the beginning to the end. I have similar situation like anyone else in here and he was there for me throughout my case. I had travel restrictions by the court but he stood up for me and I was able to complete my journey to overseas in time of emergency.”Newton R.

“Joseph Lazzara did a great job on my case. He took the time to explain everything to me in detail and fought for me throughout the case. Joseph Lazzara is a great trial attorney and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Joe!”Sarah A.

“BEST LAWYER EVER! Not one of those “all talk for big bucks” lawyers. WELL WORTH IT!! He took the time to truly understand the case and details involved to properly fight it and i got the best outcome! Case DISMISSED!! …and all for a very fair price!! All the staff was always pleasant and helpful and thorough with communications as well.

I HIGHLY recommend Joseph Lazzara for your case! Very fair hard working lawyer! when it comes down to it, invest in your future, Trust Lazzara!”Carys F.

“I contacted Mr. Lazzara New Years day 2016 after my son was stopped for a DUI. Mr. Lazzara immediately started assisting me. I was shocked that he was available so quickly. He was very reasonable for his services. Mr. Lazzara was able to negotiate with the DA a favorable resolution for my son and I highly recommend him for defense assistance.”A Satisfied Client

“I contacted Joseph Lazzara for information regarding my options after being charged with a DUI. He responded to me within the next day and was immediately available to explain my legal situation in depth before I hired him for his services. He was up front with details of his legal fees which were very affordable for this type of defense, especially considering the charges were in a county on the western slope.

Throughout the entire process Joe was transparent and helped coach me along the way. As this was my first situation involving a legal proceeding, he was very thorough in helping me understand what was going on and provided detailed information when requested.

With his diligence and expertise, Joe found multiple issues with the case and he was able to achieve dismissal at both the DMV hearing and district court cases.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, I would not hesitate to contact Joseph Lazzara for legal assistance right away.”Andrew

“Obviously from the second you get a DUI/DWAI, you feel small and scared (at least this is how I felt) and unsure about what laid ahead. I went online to look for reviews of an attorney my friend had referred me to, luckily I had because he only had 2 stars and was on probation w the Bar Assoc. Luckily, I saw a review of Joseph A Lazzara; he had raving reviews so I made a phone call that day to schedule a consultation. From the beginning thru the end…Joe explained everything that was ahead of me (the unknown was the scariest part of the entire process for me). Both he and his office staff were great at communication and fighting for the best outcome and have continued to assist with any additional questions, including representing me w/ my DMV hearing. He fought for me to keep my license and even helped me get a reduction of my therapy track after I completed everything the court had asked of me. He helped me save time away from my family and money I would have spent on additional therapy sessions, even the judge said he rarely reduced his original decision. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Joseph Lazzara for anyone facing any charges within the court system, he will fight for you until the end!”Heather

“I was facing my third DUI offense. I previously had another attorney and was looking at a year in jail. After firing my lawyer, I decided to hire Joe Lazzara. He set my case for trial, fought for me and ultimately I pled to a non-alcohol related offense, a minor traffic offense. No jail. Whether you are guilty of making a mistake like I did, or innocent, hire Joe Lazzara. Having a good lawyer on your side makes all the difference in the world. I highly recommend Joe.”T S.

“Hire the best DUI attorney, Joe Lazzara. He is experienced, aggressive and his fees are reasonable. He fought for me and got my DUI dismissed. I would highly recommend Joe Lazzara.”A Satisfied Client

“Joe Lazzara is the best DUI attorney in the Denver area. I had a DUI in Douglas County and I went to court by myself several times and not only were they not offering me anything but I was looking at jail. I hired Joe Lazzara and he was able to get my case dismissed entirely. The DAs and the judges knew who he was and you can tell that they respected him. I was trying to play it safe but when your life and future is on the line, don’t play games, hire Joe Lazzara. His fees are reasonable but his experience is invaluable. I strongly recommend Joe Lazzara to anyone facing a DUI.”Ken

“Joe Lazzara did an amazing job for me. He was thorough, easy to talk to and although the case took a while it was ultimately pled down from a DUI to careless driving, a four point ticket, which I gladly accept as I rear ended someone. I recommend Joe Lazzara and his entire office staff.”John

“I read Joe Lazzara’s reviews and checked him out with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and with Tom Martino the Troubleshooter. Not only does he have a A+ Gold Star rating with the BBB but Tom Martino personally endorses Joe Lazzara. I met with him as well as several other DUI attorneys in Denver. He was knowledgeable, nonjudgmental and so I hired him. At court, everyone knew him and he fought for me. Ultimately he was able to get me a deferred judgement and even won my DMV hearing. I am super pleased with Joe Lazzara and would refer him to anyone and everyone. Joe Lazzara is a great attorney, who will fight for you on a DUI.”Steve

“My Lazzara is ‘THE BEST’ dui attorney.
I am very happy and grateful for the result he got for my DUI case. He is very professional, he listens, he understands our concerns, he clarifies every doubt you have, he makes sure you understand everything. His style of work is he doesn’t promise any result upfront but calms you down and promises that he will do his best (that’s what every good attorney does, if someone promises you upfront for an X result, somethings fishy). He charges very reasonably, My strong suggestion and advice is to contact him for your case, you will be grateful and thankful that you did the right thing.”Zeeshan A.

“If you are looking for a DUI attorney, Joe Lazzara is the best!! He takes the time to explain everything and is really patient and compassionate. Also, he is an experienced attorney that is knowledgeable with reasonable fees. He won my case at the DMV hearing. I highly recommend him to anyone!”Denise S.

“I made a mistake and was facing a DUI in Arapahoe County. I made a mistake and was scared to death. I hired Joe Lazzara, and he eased my worries. He fought for me and beat my DUI and I was able to plead to a minor traffic offense. No jail. Joe Lazzara is a great DUI attorney that will fight for you whether you made a mistake like me or are truly innocent. I highly recommend Joe Lazzara as the attorney you need to stand in your corner and fight for you.”Tim S.